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Homage to Franz Bardon

ne can only evoke, here and still, the Great Magus, He Who throughout the ages, by different bodies and names, transmitted to mankind this Illustrious Science.In the past, he was called “Light of Toth” and steles, at present destroyed, related “that on the banks of the Nile, young girls, whilst washing their linen, sang of his splendour which equalled to a burst of sunshine through the moiré mists of a spring dawn”.

It was also said :

— “ O Thou, N..., Thou, so young, who didst make Thee so Great in the eyes of Pharaoh ? ”

And to this question the response was always the same :

— “ It is the Breath of the Great Serpent of Knowledge who alone has the Power to rise up ”.

At that time, he was called “Heroomos”, which means “Child of Heroo”, Hôr, Horus, the Living God. The Greeks transformed his name which became “Hermes Trismegist”, Great Three Times over[1].

He reconstituted all the sparse Knowledge that Egypt had inherited from Atlantis, purified it, polished it and cast the foundations of the whole Science.

Then, he appeared in Greece. Secret companion of the Christ, like the Saviour, he went to Tibet. He travelled everywhere in the East and in Europe, came to the banks of the “Sequana”, to the country of the Gauls and buried in a little island of this river a stone of mighty electromagnetism so that might emerge from this spot, in the coming centuries, Life, Culture and Civilisation. It was Lutetia, our Paris.

Before his wonders, not only by his acts but also by emanation of his own nature, the Ancient told of him : “At that time, God was amongst Men”. Then, the first Christians, ignoring the profound reality of this Being and the links which bound him to their Master, shocked by the veneration that this Great Magus aroused, slandered Apollonius, the Tyanean…[2].

He was known in China, then again several times in Europe, particularly in the XVIIIth Century[3] and it was always to perfect the Knowledge of mankind and to illustrate Magic.

When the world had to know in this XXth Century a conflict between Forces of Light and the miasma of darkness and because practices of black magic founded one ideology and supported the bellicose action of certain Nations, He came again[4]. Unknown among humans, He counter-balanced (with the aid of Beings of Light) these demoniac forces, thrown upon our poor Humanity. As he had done during the previous centuries, he taught anew with the simplicity and openness of heart of those who are truly “Great” and revealed again the true foundations of Magic.

As extraordinary as this may appear to the reader, I beg to render homage to one who departed this world in 1958 and whose name and apparent life were of a banality inversely proportionate to His Greatness... Franz BARDON.

Alexandre Moryason,
April 1986 and June 1992[5]


his homage is not destined to raise to the status of idol a Being who have gone beyond, certainly for a long time, our human condition. We would be tempted to do that and it would be understandable as far as our neurosises, our weaknesses and our wanderings could find in this gesture a relief to our suffering.

It tends rather to arouse — as any presentation of the Esoterical and Spiritual Knowledge does — a hope in those who look really for a way out while they are trapped in this labyrinth witch is the current life on Earth, plunged into disagreements and violence regarding the sharing out of material goods, dived, in fact, in the ignorance of what the Universe is and who the human being is too.

Like all the Adepts or Masters of Wisdom, Franz Bardon can be considered at the same time as a model to be reached and as a real and not symbolic Protective Being to whom we can address our thought and our emotion, in our solitary and individual practice of Magic, this practice which leads indeed to this very state witch he expresses.

[1] Hermes Trismegistos is the name given to a very Great Master who lived in the XIVth century b. J.C. His wisdom and his knowledge were such exceptional that he was compared with the God Thoth, Lord of the Magic in Egypt. After about thirty four centuries, it is understandable that a confusion was made and that this mythical assimilation continued.
[2] Tyane's Apollonius was born in Cappadoce at the beginning of the first century of our era and died at a very advanced age. It was so contemporary of Jesus. His magnificent life was told by his Disciple, Damis of Ninive, and this story was resumed two centuries later by Philostratus. Apollonius was not a thus an “embodiment” of Jesus as well as it is asserted besides. Apollonius of Tyane removed from the usage of the people “the pit – diamond - energy” of the Esoterical Tradition of the West and ordered his Disicples to forward, in the North of India, during the following century (the second century of our era), manuscripts most invaluable relative to this Holy Knowledge, before the cruel devastation which destroyed officially the Antique Wisdom.
[3] Involving the presence of this Master who was embodied also in the XVIIIth century and whose name “Earl of Saint Germain”, amazed the Great Ones of that time, H.P. Blavatsky clarifies : “The Earl of Saint Germain was certainly the greatest Master of the East whom Europe saw for long centuries. But Europe did not know him. May be someone will recognize him during the next ”Terror” (in italic in H.P.B's text.) which will affect all Europe when it will arise, and not only a single country.” [Theosophical Glossary , page 360. French Edition - Publishing Adyar, on 1981]. These lines were written about fifty years before the realization of this prediction. To see following note.
[4] Think to “Frabato the Magician”, autobiographical story, although very hoarse, of a period of the life of this Great Magus during the Nazism... He carried out during the last world war a very important work of occult order while the Humanity was confronted with a Karma which it drained since Atlantide. The Earl of Saint Germain also carried out, under “the Terror”, stemming from the French Revolution, a major occult work. It is not without reason that is used, to describe event of the last World war, the word which History attributed to the dramatic situation in France in the end of XVIIIth century : “Terror”)
[5] At the End of the Introduction in the book “The Light over the Kingdomor Daily Practice of Sacred Magic”.


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