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Visible life and Mission
of Franz Bardon on XXth century

s regards the life of a Being such as Franz Bardon, one can speak only about “visible” life. This report, which is ours, applies also to the life of every Adept — or Master of Wisdom.

And actually, what do we know about the real life of the Masters who were at the origin of the Resurgence of the Hermetic Knowledge under the name of  “Theosophy” ? Who really is, for instance, the Being Who let himself know on XIXth century under the name of  “Koot Hoomi” ? Same question about the other Masters : Who really were They ? That is, to what aim did They dedicate life and time ? To reveal the Ancient Wisdom? Certainly. But still ? What do They achieve now ?

We touch here on the punctual “mission” — during an incarnated life on Earth — of a Master. This Work takes part in the responsibilities which Each of Them has within the Brotherhood of Light and which, if these last are exposed sometimes briefly, they remain nevertheless covered with the veil of inevitable and impenetrable discretion which is necessary to their sublime Work of Helping Humanity.

Then, we should consider with a lot of cautiousness the public life of a Master of Wisdom, such as it expressed itself before the eyes of all who approached him — his close relations, his friends and his disciples. He passes discreetly in the life, spreading good around him, and it is sporadically, here and there, to the one or to the other who met him, whom appears afterwards a strange impression to have touching peace and approaching a being “not as the others”. And what could we say more and really about him ? “How could one recognize a practitioner — student, Master or Magus — of Hermetism ? Certainly not in the outside aspect ! He lives, works, eats, sleeps and behaves as all the human beings but he is conscious hundred percent !”[1]

First of all, let us answer a question which frequently comes : “How a Being such as Franz Bardon — being considered as a Real Master — was able to have a family life, an intimate relation with a woman, his wife ? “In other words” How was he able to assume a sexual relation having reached this High State of Adept ?”.

The usual sexual abstinence of an Adept does not imply that this One cannot assume a controlled sexual relation because its aim is procreating when the birth of a human being is wished. As example, we have Marpa the Great, named “the Translator”, who had reached the sublime State of Master and who was married to another Master, Dakmema. Why do the readers or the researchers in Hermetism accept the State of Master of many others and why do they hesitate to attribute the same State, because of the marriage, to Franz Bardon ?

Let us consider the “official” life of this Great Magus. We know that he was a Doctor. He received the diploma in Münich before Second World War but it had not been recognized then by Czech Authorities, that explains why he exercised Medicine only as a Therapist. “The Master cured the poor people generally declared lost by the official Medicine. From all the places of Europe people came to ask him help. Then he had the reputation to treat every body with the best medicines”.[2]

In this order of ideas, we know very well how he elaborated himself the medicines for the best benefit of his patients. There were exceptional remedies : “The Master used them [plants] to prepare paints, gouts, alchimical extractions, quintessences and spagyrical elixirs… After the fermentation, the mass was filtered and worked again in an alchimical way”.[3]

If he officially was a Therapist, Franz Bardon was a “graphologist”  too (expert with Courts), an astrologer, a clairvoyant by a simple glance on a person... He did good ; he treated sicknesses ; he helped ; he finally gave fragments of the Sacred Knowledge in the three volumes which compose his literary Work.

He had many activities… but no one might really let know what he exactly and really achieved. Does a Being of this degree of Spiritual Evolution come to the world to practice Occultism on the scene of different theatres ? Does he come to help and to cure the people ? Does he come to teach Sacred Science? Yes, all this together but there is still more. We could say that all these visible and known activities are only “the cherry on the cake”, only the public expression of the Kindness. But the more deeper, the totally hidden and painful expression of this Fundamental Kindness, which is the Centre of gravity of a Master, is an Occult Work, bound to his particular competence, for the benefit of the Humanity and pursued in agreement and with the cooperation of all the Brothers of Light.

What was his Work which even his close relations did not suspect ? As Apollonius of Tyana who, by night, operated magically and “reorganized” the legions of devils so as these should not go beyond their rights towards the human beings, Franz Bardon, in continuation of this “old work” made already on the Ist century of our era, left at night and … “Before midnight, he got up, drank a very strong coffee and got ready then to go out to make his Magic Evocations … He took the stick into which was integrated a daggerHe got dressed warmly … He never said where this place was”.[4]

As regards to us, it would be presumptuous to assert that we are able to present clearly the whole “Mission” of a Master while this Work is covered with the veil of the greatest discretion. However, from what we know about this subject, we can say that his Mission was to work strongly and mainly, by means of his Brothers, the other Masters, “to seal the Door of the Evil” at a crucial moment that crossed our Planet during Second World war.

We cannot indeed, without resorting to the occult knowledge, understand in which terrible stake our Planet and its Humanity were diked in the middle of the last century. Many books appeared afterwards, which were very intuitive, relevant and very well informed about what happened and from what we escaped … But do we know really that the sole support of the willingness of the peoples gathered in front of the totalitarian octopus - whose epicentre was the Nazi party - was not sufficient to stop the Evil ? Do we know that this last one “took food from the Space” and that its submission required the use of a Transcendental Force, of a strongest power than we, poor human beings, are able to show on the most heroic  times ? It was a terrible fight, not only for us, the human beings, but for the Brothers of Light. On this war, these Forces of Darkness unleashed their violence on Humanity even more concretely than as usual : the very old Karma of the Humanity, the “Atlantean Karma “ had to be paid, indeed.

Faithful to this Initiatory Line of the West (connected, of course, to the Transhimalayan Brotherhood), quite as Saint Germain on the XVIIIth century, Franz Bardon was  “the  Master Rosae+Crucis. Indeed, “in various letters, when he was under arrest, he signed as Member of the Brotherhood Rosae Crucis[5]. Moreover, we have a document he signed : “F. Bardon, Initiator Rosae Crucis” ; it means : “This One Who transmits Initiation to Masters Rosae Crucis Themeselves”. Those who know what represents the “Rosy + Cross” in the Hermetic Tradition of the West will understand easily how august reference is closed in this simple signature…

He so suffered, by taking a body which did not correspond to his spiritual Evolution. But “he did not show nobody anything of his sufferings”[6] and “when I asked him what was the reason of these sad thoughts, he answered that the Karma of true Franz Bardon of whom he had taken the physical body, weighed him down enormously”.[7] However, if he would not have taken this body — by incorporation — he would not have been able to carry off his Mission. Indeed, the physical body corresponding to his Evolution would not have been provided with the necessary physical and etherical stains (because of Universal Laws) to success : these stains had to attract the painful Karma under shape of tortures and diseases… By undergoing these sufferings — that another body, pure, appropriate, would not have attracted — Franz Bardon attracted and overloaded himself with pervading harmful energies for transmuting them before they strike down harder people… There was a Christic Work he did.[8]

Let all this return under the Veil. Nothing can be added “because the obligation of silence on numerous subjects was not raised”.[9]

He gave us an exceptional Teaching, a precious present which enables the human being not only to raise towards the Spirit but also to know and to apply means which open  “eyes”  and  “ears”  on subtle Worlds so as he might detect what “crosses it” and protect himself from forces which manipulate those who lead for a long time Humanity to its ruin … From this point of view, the educative Mission of Franz Bardon takes part in the Work of Light which Masters of Wisdom pursued on every last quarter of century; in fact, if he gave his books on first half of XXth century, these last knew a real development only on the last quarter of this same century.

In this very brief outline of the life and mission of Franz Bardon, we shall conclude with Lumir Bardon, his son : “When my father lived still among us, I did not feel that he was different from the other people;  moreover, his entourage had the same impression as me. The manner of being and getting dressed did not distinguish him from a simple farmer. He perfectly knew how to adapt himself to the part he had to play on Earth. It was only later, in the Light of his Work, that I recognized that he was a Giant who came to bring to the Humanity the Light which would enable it to cross the darkness of the ignorance and to go towards God”.[10]

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