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Actual Disciples of Franz Bardon

n his lifetime, Franz Bardon had numerous Disciples among whom we know the names of Lumir Bardon, the son, of the Dr K. and Mrs Otti Votavova.

We can logically think that after the death of the Magus on July, 1958, the title of “disciple's” can not be any more carried.

We reject this reasoning because we know the Universal Laws. We know that the Being who was known under the name of Franz Bardon is not really “dead”, that is he is not annihilated, without consciousness on account of the end of the physical body, but that he still lives well and truly, it does not matter on which subtle Plane and in which type of body.

Thanks to this knowledge, we know that only by following his Teachings, by putting into practice them, by thinking of him and — even better — by calling him when we begin our daily exercises, we create the essential link by which he can express himself. And he does, one way or another, we assure you.

When we follow this Path, we get a Guide, the Master par excellence who watches his pupil. Every one who really undertook indeed this Path to Perfection which he proposes, and who appeal, consciously or unconsciously, to him, will feel in a very concrete way his Help and his Presence.

That is why it is vain to have met Franz Bardon as long as he physically lived on Earth to name oneself “Disciple”. We can indeed see frequently a being during all life without knowing that he is a Master, as we can not ever have known him when he lived and we may well mentally and spiritually approach him, even from a distance.

As a consequence, every man and every woman with willingness who tread on this Path become his Disciples. And today, nobody can claim to be “the unique”, “the only one” Disciple of Franz Bardon, the one who would have the privilege to reveal “Master’s blessings on the world”... No more Dieter Rüggeberg — and God knows how much he worked for the benefit of the Master’s books ! but he really never claimed such thing ! — than the author of this Site who does not claim anything more than to present this Magnificent Work.

We always used the plural form for by modesty, an author fades behind his text. The well-known “we” of our pupil’s writings influenced then our writings. The “I” is going to be very temporarily used so as to enlighten in a more personal manner the relation, which was and is, between Franz Bardon and the author of this Site.

I have never claimed to have known physically Franz Bardon. Some malicious gossips believed that they were making a pernicious revelation, when they began to spread around what was the only true : that is that I have never met him. In this manner, this people asked to the public to get an unpleasant regard against me. Now, in the only book I wrote under the pen name that public knows, no mention is made on my own relations with this Great Magus. If some people believed that a physical meeting took place in the past, this opinion belongs to them. When one wrote to me personally about this subject to ask about what occurred, my secretarial staff always answered that there was never a physical encounter. I passed recently to a Site, whose creator works in the same direction as me, the clear and public assertion of this fact.

Therefore, I am a Disciple with the same sincerity as those who follow the Way proposed by Franz Bardon.

To conclude, I would say publicly about my “relations” with Franz Bardon : I was brought to his Writings and I plunged into them with deep sincerity ; as reward the Master himself came also very fast to me. But everyone who follows this Way has already experimented this so profound and indescribable “contact”. My position has nothing of exceptional then. What is more, I received many letters which put forward this kind of experience.

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