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Franz Bardon on Internet

We have no choice but to create this page.

In fact, many Sites remind of Franz Bardon and we are glad to hear of this success for it reveals the dimension that attained the name of this Great Magus in the world.

We know that Internet Sites were created in order to honour his Name :

etc. and the present one, of course.

However, because of a multitude of letters which we received, we have to say that certain Sites (in several languages) while they claim they honour this Work, they would seem in reality to ridicule it and to compromise the genuine word  of “Divine Magic” whose reputation is fragile enough as it is.

Dieter Rüggeberg, the family of Franz Bardon and a large part of the public — which requested this clarification — are outraged. But we can not undertake anything against this kind of attitude : Internet is opened to the worst as to the best …

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