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Dieter Rüggeberg
and his Work for the benefit
of Franz Bardon's books


ieter Rüggeberg is a researcher with great sincerity on the Path of Light. He has a knowledge about Esoterical Tradition of the East as well about that of the West. He rescued on the end of the Sixties of the last Century Franz Bardon's books of a very restricted divulgation so as to promote them all over the world in many languages.

For more than 30 years, he defied the usual obstacles that all who strive for the expansion of the Light on the Earth meet. Thus he has protected — and protects still — the mission which has been confided to him by Franz Bardon’s son : he takes care actually of the divulgation of this Exceptional Work in many languages, even if this last is published in various ways today .

Without his exceptional work, it is plausible then that the Master’s books would have been remained unknown. But would it have been possible ? Divine Providence, the Master himself, acted so that this Teaching may last.

Let us sincerely hope he may be thanked..

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