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     “The Great Beings live, dream and feel beyond time, beyond History, this complex thread of events in which we live imprisoned.  The strength of their noble sentiments enables them to  “see” in the distant future that of which we hardly dare to have a foreboding.”

     “This enormous difference in perspective makes communication difficult between “Them” and us.”

     “However, we need each other in such an intense and sometimes desperate manner, that the history of the efforts we have made to reconnect with them is filled with memorable facts.  Perhaps the most beautiful and suggestive pages of the great history of Humanity are, in reality, some more or less happy episodes of this mysterious dialogue, although it does not appear or is even mentioned as such.  Helena Petrovna belongs to that list, fortunately long, of personages inspired bythe powerful light of millennial Wisdom…”

Maria Dolorès Fernandez-Figares [1]


[1] Article written in  “H.P. Blavatsky – Reflections on the presentation of her esoteric teachings” — Ed Nouvelle Acropole – 1991- page 127.

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